Homo Domesticus (2016)

If the name of the species were based on its behaviour man would be called Homo Domesticus.
C.E. Ayres (1921)

Human beings have lived throughout history in communities and societies and have carried with them through these times a desire to change their surrounding environments for their own comfort. They have done this by building settlements and taming nature however, which these changes they have also introduced notions of privacy. This has created a paradox. On one side you have men and women continuing to live in communities with others while on the other side of this; they are anxiously guarding their own privacy (building walls around themselves – creating a distance between their home and the neighbours who live near them).

This project explores the desire to get closer to nature without losing any comfort of the settlement and the desire to own something tangible which can provide security. Also being investigated is the use of realistic imitation of nature in the context of private spaces and finally the project takes a critical look at the guarded privacy and borderline between private spaces.

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